Now that I’ve been pregnant 3 times…I can tell you first hand the stretch and itchiness that occurs with that growing belly! I’ve tried several different lotions for my belly, including common household ingredients like coconut oil and even olive oil! Yes, I did! Actually, the olive oil wasn’t bad, and I got no complaints of smelling like a salad…however, it stained my clothes! Several of the creams, oils, butters I’ve tried have been so greasy and messy that I didn’t even want to get dressed. Hanging out in my bra and underwear with two active kids was not an option. I really wanted to expand my Sparkling Mama line…so I thought, why not create a Belly lotion and solve this problem. Not just any lotion though, something natural, unscented (as I’m still sensitive to scents approaching my third trimester), and NOT GREASY, yet still moisturizing.
I wanted something different…something I could slather on during the day and get dressed quickly in the 2 minutes I have before my kids lose patience…and then something thicker and richer for night, that still would be kind to my pajamas (cause lets face it, I’m wearing my husband’s favorite t-shirt and he might want to wear it again).

So Sparkling Mama’s Belly Duo was born. One bottle to use during the day, called whipped Belly Jelly, and one jar to use before bed, called Night Nourishing Cream.

Just a few of the ingredients in the whipped Belly Jelly are, organic aloe leaf juice, apricot kernel oil (a very light oil that leaves the skin soft), witch hazel, which has many benefits…and although viewed as an astringent, actually helps seal in moisture! Jojoba oil, which is very similar to the sebum* our skin creates itself, and vitamin E, which is known to reduce the appearance of scarring. With these and several additional oils, Sparkling Mama’s Whipped Belly Jelly is a great way to prepare your belly for the day ahead. Without the grease factor it can be applied often…and is fun for the kids to help out too, with no mess!

Moving on to the Night Nourishing cream. Again we use organic aloe leaf, adding coconut oil grapeseed oil and Roman camomile flower oil for a more luxurious deeper hydration, still reducing that oily feeling! Night time is a great time to replenish what is lost during the day!

Combining both in 24 hours is sure to leave you tummy, hips, thighs, boobies…quenched.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and because of this we focused on organic and safe ingredients. Our Duo is CRUELTY FREE, and has over 80% organic ingredients and is Paraben, Sulfate, Phthalate, Gluten and Dye free. Not to mention there is no added fragrance, which helps with sensitive skin and our increased olfactory senses during pregnancy.

I’ve talked to countless women who have used oils, belly butters, lotions, creams…and still got stretch marks, so I’m refraining from calling our DUO a stretch mark prevention cream. I believe genetics and the speed at which you gain (or lose) weight may impact your propensity to get stretch marks. However, I do believe that intense moisture added to your skin may help reduce the chance, AND certainly eliminate the itch and tightness you may feel. Make sure as well to drink plenty of water as this also helps nourish your skin.
I also want to point out that although I believe no woman wants stretch marks…if you do get them, please remember that beautiful baby that you created, that your body is amazing in its capabilities, and stretch marks will eventually fade and shrink…beauty is only skin deep. You created life. A blessing that does not fall upon everyone.

*Sebum is an oily substance secreted by the sebaceous glands that helps prevent hair and skin from drying out