If you’re expecting your first, second or even your third baby and beyond, the thought of making sure you have everything you need in your hospital bag for labor can be intimidating, to say the least.  Well don’t worry mamas, we got you!  We’ve compiled our absolute favorite things, including both necessities and just nice-to-haves as well.  Oh, and did we mention that all of these products are created by women-owned companies?  Check out this awesome list of what to pack in your hospital bag for labor! 

Products for Mama

First of all, you definitely want to make sure you choose the perfect hospital bag. This could be a bag you already own, or if you want to treat yourself for the incredibly hard job you are about to take on, you can always buy yourself a brand new bag.  This bag can often end up doubling later as a tote bag for daycare, playdates, sleepovers, and more.  Check out the awesome bags at Go Dash Dot, they are both fashionable and functional for women on the go! Additionally, to keep yourself and all of your belongings organized you might want to grab a toiletry or cosmetic bag as well.  Our favorites are from Hudson and Bleaker, check them out here

Bag from Go Dash Dot

Hospital Bag For Labor, Essentials for Mama

  • Toothbrush
  • Face Wash
  • Nursing Bra
  • Nighty/Comfy Sweats
  • Robe
  • Slippers
  • Change of Clothes for home
  • Silver Nipple Guards
  • The Birth Deck (a deck of cards that shares 50 ways to comfort a woman in labor, get your deck here!)

Extras & Hospital Provided Items

Most hospitals will typically provide the following:

  • Disposable Underwear
  • Pads
  • Nipple Cream
  • Pillows/Blankets

If you are unsure if your hospital will offer these items, you can always call ahead and check to see which amenities will be provided to you after birth, otherwise, add them to your hospital bag for labor!

Bra from Avyn

Extras that are nice to have:

  • Own Sleeping Pillow
  • Own Breastfeeding Pillow
  • Stool Softeners 
  • Aromatherapy
  • Breast Pump
  • Birth Journal (check out our favorite one here)
  • Nursing Bra (we love Avyn and Nooni’s)  

Products for Baby

We all know that making sure you’re prepared for your new little one is at the forefront of your mind when planning your baby’s birth.  It is important to know what products your hospital will offer for your new arrival, and what you need to be sure and bring on your own.

Most hospitals will provide the following for the baby:

  • Basic Swaddle Blanket
  • Additional Blankets
  • Mittens for Nails
  • Formula/Bottle if Needed
  • Baby Hat
  • Pacifier

Some hospitals even provide on-site photographers that will take professional photos of your new baby right after birth.  If you’re unsure of what your hospital provides, call ahead and check to be sure you know what to pack.

Outfit from Clover Baby & Kids

Extras that are nice to have for baby:

After the Hospital

Vitamins from PreMama

Once your home with your new bundle of joy, there are a few items that you wouldn’t have thought of before the hospital but wish you had just to make life easier or more fun.  At Sparkling Mama, we know all too well what it feels like to get home and realize you still want to order something or research something, but now you have to do it with a newborn.  Check off your list ahead of time with some of our preferred products for after the hospital.

  • Nursing Sweatshirt 
    • If you’ve never heard of a nursing sweatshirt, welcome to your new staple wardrobe piece.  We love Teat & Cosset for their fashion-forward look while still being incredibly convenient and functional.
  • Matching Mommy & Baby Items
    • This is one of those “nice to have” items that make for great photos but also keepsake items as well.  We love MiliMili for all of their adorable products! 
  • Post-Natal Vitamins
    • Everybody talks about prenatal vitamins, but what about post-natal?  After giving birth our bodies are more out of whack than ever before, and it is so important to provide ourselves with the nutrients necessary to bounce back.  We love PreMama for their awesome selection and easy to navigate website! 
  • Postpartum Panty
    • Our personal favorite is from Mommy Matters, because of its modern and sleek design while also being super comfortable and even has a little pocket to slip a cooling gel pack for added relief to your tender lady parts after birth.  Get yours here
  • Birth Statistic Pillow
    • Little West Street creates the most beautiful pillows to remember your baby’s birth.  These pillows are hand-crafted and show your baby’s name along with their birth date, height, and weight.  Check out these adorable pillows here.
  • Dry Shampoo
    • Let’s be real, who has time to shower with a new baby at home?  This is why dry shampoo exists.  We love the Monat conditioning dry shampoo because not only does it clean your hair, but it conditions it too!  Grab your bottle here. Then don’t forget it in your hospital bag for labor!
Postpartum Panty from Mommy Matters
  • SoundBub
    • This is a great tool to bring peace to you, and baby, both at home and even in the delivery room if you want to have it there.  SoundBub, by WavHello, is a white noise machine, as well as a Bluetooth, enabled portable speaker that also connects to a free app that allows anyone to record messages or songs for you or for baby.  Find these great machines here.
  • Luna Breast Pump
    • This breast pump is ideal for home (most hospitals will provide a breast pump for you while in the hospital) and has been shown to be superior to other pumps as well.  Motif Medical launched this breast pump, and had it recently studied by C+R Research where the findings showed that “5 out of 6 moms got more milk in less time with the Luna, and 9 out of 10 moms preferred the Luna over their current pump.” Buy yours here.
  • Sunflower Motherhood Gift Box
    • We love this brand because they really focus on the different stages of motherhood, instead of only focusing on when you’re pregnant.  You can choose to receive this box during pregnancy, after birth, or any time that you just need a pick me up.  This is also a great item to add to your baby registry! 

This pretty much sums it up…We wish all of you mamas a peaceful, safe and healthy birth!  If this list helps you in any way we invite you to share with us on social media @sparkling_mama as we would love to know how our research and recommendations make an impact for other women.  Sip. Soothe. Sparkle! ✨