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Fizzelixir is an effervescent powder that dissolves in any beverage to help alleviate Morning Sickness.

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Fizzelixir (morning sickness remedy) is an effervescent powder that dissolves in any beverage to help alleviate Morning Sickness. It is flavored with lemon and ginger extracts, but don’t worry, the ginger is subtle, and Fizzelixir has been described as a mild lemonade! Fizzelixir uses pure sugar cane as it’s sweetener and has Vitamin B6 and Magnesium to help soothe your Morning Sickness.  It is caffeine free, additive free and dye free.  Each package contains 8 stick packs. You may find a little skip in your hop, less leg cramping and a more restful nights sleep…on top of morning sickness relief!

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8 reviews for FIZZELIXIR 8 Pack

  1. Kayla Grohn

    Fizzelixir is an amazing product. Pregnant or not, this helps with nausea. I even gave it to my husband 🙂 I will defiantly be a returning customer.

  2. Michelle

    Skip the sugar candies, Fizzelixr works so much better. The flavor is delicious and mild, so even at my sickest I can still drink it and feel relief immediately. Lifesaver.

  3. Colette H

    This stuff saved me! My morning sickness was so bad with my last baby that I couldn’t eat or keep anything down and I lost a lot of weight. Because I couldn’t eat, my hypoglycemia got really bad and I was constantly feeling weak and dizzy. The Fizzelixir this was the only thing that helped me be able to eat. I can’t imagine making it through that pregnancy without Sparkling Momma. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product!

  4. Rachel Mahoney

    This amazing remedy really took the edge off my nausea when I was pregnant and it came in handy after a drive on a winding road in Hawaii-with motion sickness. Good stuff!

  5. Keegan

    This works amazing! Not only does it eliminate nausea it’s helps settle the stomach. I was very thankful to have this through a very sick first 20 weeks. So sick I lost 20lbs. This was the one thing I could add to water, sprite, ginger ale or any drink to help relieve nausea and stomach ache.

  6. Kimberly

    I have chronic nausea and vomiting and this drink really helps soothe the stomach so much and it tastes amazing I would definitely recommend this product to anyone that suffers with nausea and the owner is the nicest woman you will ever meet she is kind caring and goes above and beyond to help you with information

  7. Toccara Hall

    I just received my first order today. It came si fast. I was feeling nauseous all day then i took my first one and i immediately felt so much better. I will be ordering more. Thank you sooooo much!!!😍😍

  8. Toccara Hall

    I have been sooo nauseous the past few months of my pregnancy. I just received my order today. I took one and instantly started to feel so much better. I am so happy with how much it helped. Thank you so much!!!😍😍

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