Our Story

Sparkling Mama is inspired by my two pregnancies and the extreme morning sickness I experienced with both. Morning sickness can be a misnomer… in my case it struck day and night and unfortunately continued until the day I gave birth.

During my first pregnancy I tried everything on the market to combat my nausea. I found some relief with carbonated beverages but it was short lived. I attempted several different vitamins but couldn’t swallow the large pills, and tried my hand at raw ginger but the intense flavor was too much for me. Pressure bands didn’t work, and other nausea relief was not recommend for pregnant women…I was left frustrated…and still horribly sick.

During my second pregnancy, I had a vision to develop my own product that combined all the elements for nausea relief that I craved… something fizzy, packed with nausea fighting vitamins, lightly flavored, no additives, caffeine free and safe for baby and Mama.
And so Sparkling Mama, Fizzelixir was born!

I hope you Sip, Soothe, and bring that Sparkling Mama back!

Tami Lennox
CEO and Founder

Tami Lennox

Tami Lennox

CEO and Co-founder

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