It gives me great confidence when recommending Sparkling Mama

It gives me great confidence when recommending Sparkling Mama

As an ObGyn, who has been practicing for over 18 years, I consistently treat women in early pregnancy for nausea and vomiting. Being so common and sometimes a persistent symptom, I would encourage patients to start with natural solutions. These would include items such as ginger - either in foods,
candies or drinks, magnesium supplements, Vitamin B6 supplements or even pressure bands to their wrists or ankles to help alleviate the constant overwhelming feelings of nausea. Yet patients would express difficulties in swallowing so many pills or their aromas were too pungent to consume. Thus, my only alternative, was to prescribe pharmaceutical anti-nausea medication. These pharmaceuticals had their own problematic side effects for both patient and the growing fetus. This was until Sparkling Mama was introduced.

Sparkling Mama is a completely natural vitamin powder containing all the recommended natural elements, not only in one supplement, but delivered as a natural effervescent, which easily dissolves in water. Sparkling Mama is free of any artificial additives or energy enhancers which makes it an industry leader as an all-natural anti-nausea product.

It gives me great confidence when recommending Sparkling Mama, that I am recommending something that is safe, completely natural and extremely well tolerated due to its unique delivery system as an effervescent vitamin powder.

Dr. Martha Moe, OBGYN

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