Here are some commonly asked questions. Feel free to drop us an email if you don't find the answer you need!

How many Fizzelixirs can I take per Day? Up to 4 is recommended but you may talk with your physician if you need more.

When should I drink Fizzelixir? You can drink it anytime you feel nauseated.  You may also experiment with drinking it before you feel sick.

How much water should I use?  We recommend 6 oz, but depending on the sweetness you prefer you could add more or less water.  Anything over 8 oz will dilute it significantly and you may not experience the effervescence.

Can I drink it hot? Absolutely!

Is Fizzelixir only for pregnancy? No, anyone can use this for nausea.  

Is Fizzelixir only for nausea? No, it can also be used for upset tummy and some have mentioned it helps them with heartburn.

Can my kids use Fizzelixir? We do hear about kids using it, but we recommend speaking with your pediatrician first.

You say you are Dr. Approved. Who is the Dr.? We love our guiding naturopath Dr. Cristina Persa.  Check out our research page and learn more about her.  We also have many OBGYN’s that recommend us to their patients!

What are the vitamins in Fizzelixir?
Fizzelixir uses Vitamins B6 and the mineral Magnesium.  The citrus ginger flavor also has folic acid.

Will this help with anything else? You might notice less muscle cramping or reduced headaches if you suffer from these. Magnesium is very helpful for these ailments.

Is Fizzelixir gluten free? Dairy free? Shellfish free? Yes, All 3.

Do you offer samples? We offer samples to our clinics and Doulas.  We do have a 14 day money back guarantee, so there is no risk to you! Click here for details!

I am a Doula/midwife/OBGYN/nurse, how do I go about getting samples for our clinic? Please email us at info@sparklingmama.com

What if I am not happy with my order? Our goal at Sparkling Mama is to bring you relief.  If you are anything but satisfied with your purchase, send it back to us and we will refund in full.  You can email info@sparklingmama.com to get details.