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Natural Ingredients, Backed by Science

Lemon | Ginger | Vitamin B6 | Magnesium 

Fizzelixir is the FIRST product that combines all these ingredients in one dose, without any pills!

Easy and On-The-Go

Our Fizzelixirs are individually packaged for easy single serving experience.

Our ingredients, when mixed with water, are absorbed quickly once you drink it, you feel relief sooner than a tea, or pill!

It’s effervescent for a reason

Effervescence allows for a larger dose of ingredients to be more easily absorbed into the body, increased hydration and faster onset of relief.

  • — Stephanie T.

    This really works, I am not 13 weeks pregnant and still very sick, but these make it tolerable and nothing else helps like it. I drink the citrus ginger. It is amazing. I’ve been recommending to all women I come across with morning sickness.

  • — Chelle B.

    Great stuff for sensitive tummy, morning sickness or nausea from chemo. Just ordered another pack to keep me stocked up. A real blessing as a  cancer patient I found this.

  • — Courtney M.

    This was a lifesaver for me! Everything I drink makes me nauseous, and some days I can do limited quantities of one thing or another, like juice or sparkling water, but these I can handle every time! I would be majorly dehydrated without this!

  • — Laura S.

    I just received my order and I’m not even playing, this helped me immediately!!! Thank you sparkling mama for saving this pregnant Momma!

  • — Mallory B.

    Experienced HG with my pregnancy and this helped tremendously! These seemed to calm my stomach enough where I could tolerate ending my  infusion therapy and increase my water intake.

  • — Blake L.

    I suffer from awful morning sickness and I just took this and within seconds it calmed my nausea down. WOW!

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