Natural Morning Sickness Relief. Anytime, Anyplace.

An effervescent vitamin powder that dissolves in water.
Sip. Soothe. Sparkle.

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Sit. Soak. Sparkle.

Natural Morning Sickness Relief. Anytime, Anyplace.

An effervescent vitamin powder that dissolves in water. Sip. Soothe. Sparkle.

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morning sickness

Sparkling Mama is like no other remedy I’ve tried

by: Eric Margulies

Real Mamas, Real Results

I wish I would have found this product during the first six months of my pregnancy because I suffered from terrible morning sickness that entire time. At about 36 weeks I had a bit of third trimester sickness come back which greatly improved with the help of your product. I will definitely pass on the product to friends when they’re expecting babies as well remember to purchase some for my future pregnancies!

Amanda, Snohomish WA

I suffered from TERRIBLE morning sickness while pregnant with my second little one. I was trying everything to make it calm down a bit. Crackers and ginger ale were my go to until I noticed I was getting sick from the ginger ale….my dr recommended Sparkling Mama, and it worked wonderfully!!!! and tastes good too!!!!!


This product hit the nail on the head. It fizzles just right and its not too overwhelming with flavor. My nausea tends to last all day but this has really helped me to be able to function while giving me that boost of energy I’ve been needing. I definitely recommend this product to anyone suffering from morning sickness and I’ll be buying it again in the future!


Helped out a lot – was feeling very sick and sluggish 1st & 2nd trimester, but this would help me feel better and have enough energy to tackle the day.


Fizzelixir is an amazing product. Pregnant or not, this helps with nausea. I even gave it to my husband.  I will defiantly be a returning customer.

Kayla G.

These are expensive but have been a lifesaver for my wife. Any time she feels really sick she drinks one and feels better within 5-10 minutes. Worth the hype.


Sparkling Mama was a God send for me! I was so sick for the first 17 weeks of my 3rd pregnancy that I’d lost weight, couldn’t eat and keep anything down, and the nausea was 24/7.  I tried other supplements, Preggie Pops, Lemon heads, Popsicles, pretty much everything anyone suggested to me, but nothing really helped. I came across Sparkling Mama and I was pleasantly surprised at the subtle but sweet flavor, and in love, when my nausea subsided! I even felt good enough to eat something and my stomach didn’t hurt afterwards. I was hooked at that point. I’m so glad I heard about Sparkling Mama when I did, it was a complete lifesaver for me.

C. Hill, Rexburg, ID

I’m a stay at home mom to a busy, high energy toddler and I’m currently pregnant with twins. The morning sickness with this pregnancy has been awful, all day, and all night! My husband saw Sparkling Mama on Facebook and ordered some for me.  It has been a lifesaver! I’ve been able to get back to most of my pre-pregnancy activities…Thank you Sparkling Mama!

Alison K., Bothell, WA

I have been looking for something for a long time to help with my nausea associated with pregnancies. I am on my 4th pregnancy (no children yet) so have encountered multiple first trimesters and I wish I had this all along. I was so sick of ginger ale and “preggo pops” that when I found this it was a huge relief.  I love that the taste is very natural- refreshing but not overwhelming. I use it both in hot water (like tea) or in cold water like a fizzy drink and love it both ways. It definitely helps with my nausea. I am also someone who is prone to morning sickness so I plan to continue to keep this on hand for my travels!

A.E., San Francisco, CA

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