Dentistry and Pregnancy

Dentistry and Pregnancy

If you know you are want to get pregnant, your dental health is a great place to start.  This may sound odd, but oral (mouth) health care is very important to a healthy pregnancy!


A great starting point is to make sure you are up to date on your most recent dental cleaning and x-rays.  This way, if there is any dental work that needs to be done you may schedule it before you get pregnant.


If you are already pregnant, congratulations and don’t fret! Along with all the other appointments you have on your list, make sure to schedule your dental check up and cleaning.

Make sure to tell your dental provider that you are pregnant, and although the radiation is low risk, try to avoid x-rays during the first trimester if you can. 


All pregnancies are different, but keeping a healthy mouth helps protect your growing baby!!  Here are some things you may or may not experience, and some recommendations!


During pregnancy your hormones change and you may experience more swollen gums which can lead to Gingivitus (irritation and  inflammation of the gums).  If you are experiencing this, and in pain, you don’t need to suffer. Make an appointment with your dentist and there are some treatments that can help.



Should you be experiencing morning sickness, rinse with water after vomiting,  This will help rinse away the acidic stomach acid that may come up.


Make sure your vitamins include vitamin C, B complex and Calcium to help keep your teeth strong.


Try to avoid sugary snacks, although those cravings can be intense!  Just remember to brush and floss more often after indulging. Consider a hydroflosser (uses water) if you have a hard time with actual floss. 


Consider switching to a soft bristle toothbrush, and changing your toothpaste to something more mild flavored if the taste is off-putting.  Remember though, if you can’t handle the taste or smell of your toothpaste, it is OK to brush without toothpaste, and just use water.  It’s the mechanical action of the toothbrush moving that actually cleans your teeth.



Having dental procedures during pregnancy is in fact safe, and good for your and baby’s health.  As you enter your 3rd trimester and you are in need of dental work, your Dentist will be able to tell you what is safe at your point in pregnancy.  However, if you feel uncomfortable with your treatment plan. You can always ask, “Can this wait?” “How urgent is this procedure”


Feel free to comment with your questions in comments on this blog and we will do our best to direct you to a resource to help.


With your long list of things to get done before baby comes, make sure your dental health care is checked off!




Advising Dentist

Gideon Nussbaum DDS Seattle, Wa. 

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