Morning Sickness Symptoms and How to get Relief!

Morning Sickness Symptoms and How to get Relief!

Symptoms and Duration of Morning Sickness

Ok, so morning sickness is different for everyone. It usually begins around 4-8 weeks…and typically lasts through the first trimester. However, some unlucky ladies will be sick longer, some for 40 weeks, and others it will come and go. For the very reason that Morning Sickness is different for everyone, could be the reason that one morning sickness cure doesn’t work for everyone!

If you google the term morning Sickness relief, you’ll find article after article about all the home remedies, and recommended things to try to get rid of that queasy, gut wrenching feeling. The list is long, and includes exactly what your mom or friends have told you.

Morning Sickness relief

“Eat a saltine cracker as soon as you wake up, an empty belly makes morning sickness worse.” -Mom.

“Make ginger tea, and put a lemon slice in it, that will reduce your nausea for sure!” – Sister Heidi

“Get some peppermint aromatherapy and try those acupressure wrist bands, they push on your pulse points and are a great Morning Sickness Remedy, worked like a charm for me. – Good friend Jessica

“Try some of those multi vitamins with B6 for morning sickness (did they mention the iron that can make you more nauseated?). – Aunt Jane

Eat Protein… Eat Carbs… Drink lots of water.

The list goes on, and the recommendations continue. This is just the beginning of the unsolicited advice you’ll receive on your road to Motherhood, so it might be a good time to say, OK great, I’ll try it.

Sparkling Mama’s relief

I’ll give you one more though…our very own Sparkling Mama’s Fizzelixir. Fizzelixir combines several ingredients scientifically proven to relieve morning sickness. The catch is…all in one dose! You don’t have to do 5 separate things as mentioned above to get morning sickness relief. You just rip open a packet, dissolve it in 4-6oz of water and sip away your morning sickness. These nausea reducing ingredients will be absorbed quickly into your system because Fizzelixir is effervescent! Plus, bubbles make you burp, and although can be rude (if loud and obnoxious), burping can help relieve nausea! Not to mention, Fizzelixir will not irritate your stomach like pills can, or large amounts of lemon and Ginger in your empty belly. Instead, you will be delighted by the mild flavor, refreshed by the bubbly lemon drink! I would say…Sparkling Mama is to Morning Sickness, as Airborne is to colds:)

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