Planning On Revealing Your Pregnancy On Thanksgiving? Mama, We Got You.

Planning On Revealing Your Pregnancy On Thanksgiving? Mama, We Got You.

Thanksgiving can be an amazing time to reveal to your loved ones that you are expecting.  The news will most likely make your Thanksgiving holiday all the more special and really make it a day to remember.  However, the delivery is just as important in that memory and can make a wonderful story to tell your child one day.  At Sparkling Mama, we know how important the moment of revealing your pregnancy is to you and your loved ones so we’ve compiled a list of great ideas on how to reveal your pregnancy during Thanksgiving.

There’s More Than Turkey In the Oven

A cute play on words can be a fun and memorable way to announce that you’re pregnant!  It’s entertaining for everyone when you might be hanging around waiting on the turkey to be done and nonchalantly say “the turkey isn’t the only thing in the oven”.  Then watch everyone’s reaction as they try to figure out what you’re referring to and watch the surprise settle in!

Let Big Brother Or Sister Share The News

If this isn’t your first child then letting future big brother or sister tell everyone can be a big moment for them and the family.  There are adorable shirts that can be customized for your child to wear to Thanksgiving dinner, and watch people try to read it as they take off their jacket!  Check out some of these adorable shirts at


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A New Guest

There are two different ways that you can announce your pregnancy by explaining there will be a new guest at the next Thanksgiving.  If you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner, then put out an extra place setting at the table.  Undoubtedly when everyone sits down to eat there will be questions about the extra spot where no one is sitting.  Another way this one can be done is to record your baby’s heartbeat at one of your doctor appointments, then head to Build-A-Bear and have the heartbeat recording placed in a stuffed animal.  Put that stuffed animal in one of the chairs around the table and there will eventually be questions, and you can then create a very special moment by letting everyone hear your little one’s heart beating.

Bun In The Oven

This last one is a classic and is sure to make for a very unforgettable dinner. Again, this one works best if you’re the one hosting, but even if not you could try and pull it off.  Place one single bread bun on a pan in the oven. Once everyone is seated, say that you forgot to grab the buns from the oven and see if anyone would go and grab them for you. Whoever gets the bun from the oven will question why there is only one? Then watch as guests start to figure out the message!

French Bread Roll

We hope you have found some inspiration on how to share your pregnancy news on Thanksgiving.  If you happen to try any of these ideas, we would love to hear how it went by sharing it on social media and tagging us @sparklingmama on Instagram!  As always, if you’re experiencing any nausea or morning sickness during pregnancy, you can always shop our products at

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