The Bubbly Big Deal: Effervescent Drinks for Pregnancy Nausea

The Bubbly Big Deal: Effervescent Drinks for Pregnancy Nausea

So what’s the big deal with bubbles or the fancier term, effervescence? Why do I keep mentioning effervescence and what makes it so great?… A lot actually.

The definition of effervescence, is gas escaping from a liquid solution, it’s a chemical reaction! I’ll find any excuse to put my Biology degree and the painful hours I spent in organic chemistry to good use! I’ll simplify the equation for you, and then get to the good stuff.

If you mix an acid (in our case citric acid) and a base (we use potassium bicarbonate)… and then you get a by product of carbon dioxide and water… In Fizzelixir, the acid and base are mixed with water, and thus carbon dioxide is released.

So the Bubbly big deal is this. The new solution created is a buffered solution, which means this solution is more easily absorbed by the stomach, and empties more quickly into the small intestines, where the ingredients are absorbed into your system. Speed is important when we are talking about nausea, because the quicker this liquid is absorbed, the quicker relief is felt! So I’ll call absorption rate the #1 reason why I love effervescence! The #2 reason, which some might call a toss up…I can actually swallow it, without gagging on a horse pill.

Who can swallow some of these multivitamins measured at up to one inch long?? Throw an upset tummy into the mix, and even if you can swallow that little sucker, what if you toss your cookies again…that nugget comes up! What a waste of energy! Let’s just dissolve it, so much easier! My third reason for effervescent? Combining more than one vitamin!

An effervescent powder can administer several doses of vitamins in one serving, let’s bang out all our eggs in one frying pan! Which brings us to the discomfort of pills on an empty stomach…that won’t happen with effervescence, because we are back to the buffered solution, which brings us back to why it’s so amazing for an upset tummy and nausea.

There you have it my suffering Mama friends. That is why Sparkling Mama is effervescent! Sip. Soothe. Sparkle

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