Top 7 Gifts for Moms to Be

Top 7 Gifts for Moms to Be

If you know someone who’s expecting, shopping for the perfect gift for mom can become an overwhelming task. That’s why we’ve rounded some of the best gifts for pregnant moms, so your shopping trip can be a bit easier. Whether it’s your best friend, co-worker, or family member, these gifts are sure to wow her and make her feel super special.

1. Morning Sickness Relief from Sparkling Mama

As many moms already know, certain scents and flavors can cause instant nausea and disgust! At Sparkling Mama, we’ve created a line of products to help expecting moms be more comfortable during pregnancy. For example, Lighting candles with scents they love becomes a source of calm and relief for many pregnant women. Our scented candles come in 6 different scents and make the perfect gift for mom’s with sensitive noses! If the mom to be in your life is experiencing morning (afternoon, or night) sickness, try our Fizzelixir bubbly drinks that are all natural, and specially formulated to soothe pregnant tummies! And, if you want the whole package for pregnancy self-care, we’ve got that too! Check out our Sparkling Mama Gift Box so she can sample everything we have to offer.

2. A Super Luscious Robe and Slipper Set

Being pregnant isn’t always the most comfortable feeling. So why not spoil this mother-to-be with a soft, luxurious robe and slipper set? With this gift, mom will feel fabulous, pampered, warm and cozy.

3. Maternity/newborn photoshoot gift certificate

There’s so much planning that goes into the months leading up to the due date. Make things easier for her by giving her a gift certificate for a maternity or newborn photoshoot. It’s super thoughtful, and those photos will be constant reminders of a beautiful and special time in her life. Best way to find a photographer is to ask your friends for a referral… or you can google, or hashtag “newborn photographer” in your area!

4. Neck Pillow

Many women experience sore, tight muscles during pregnancy. While it isn’t recommended to use full-body heated blankets, smaller, more concentrated sources of heat are safe. We love this plush shoulder pillow on Amazon; It’s cute, soft, and great for relieving muscle tension safely during pregnancy. You can also chill it for swelling, and the weight helps relieve tight muscles in a jiffy. The shape is versatile enough for use anywhere on the body where muscle tension is painful. Spray it with a little essential oils for a little aromatherapy.

5. Letters to My Baby

This is one of the cutest, most thoughtful gifts for mom out there. Each Letters to My Baby booklet comes with 12 envelopes for expect mothers to fill with memories, hopes, and well wishes for their baby. They can then sign and seal them to give to their children later on in life. It’s such an adorable way to keep memories alive.

6. New Coffee Maker

After all of those months with limited caffeine, and with all of the sleepless nights around the corner, mom will definitely need a caffeine boost. Gift her a new espresso machine that she can use everyday (and trust us, she will). We love this new Nespresso one on Amazon, complete with a milk frother and range of coffee capsule samples, mama can find her favorite one. The Nespresso isn’t just espresso. The capsules come in a range of sizes, so mama can pick from a single espresso, to a 14 oz cup of silky coffee!

7. Farm Fresh Spa Experience Tin

Bring the spa to her! This gift basket is full of products that will pamper an expectant mother, all in the comfort of her own home. All of the products are handmade in Alabama, and fragranced only with natural lavender. Each basket comes with an aromatic bath tea, moisturizing bath truffle, whipped shea cream, and a “hint of mint” lip balm.

Finding the perfect gift for an expectant mother can be hard, but you’ll never go wrong with any of these top gift ideas. So no need to panic, just roll with any of these ideas to give her a gift she won’t forget!

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