You Gotta Solve a Problem

I’ve watched enough Shark Tank to know, to be successful, you have to solve a problem. I had a huge problem. Morning Sickness. This thing is a 4 letter word in my world, and it nearly destroyed me for over 40 weeks with both my pregnancies. Am I crazy to do it again? Maybe, but now I’m armed, and dangerous! With both my pregnancies I ended up taking prescription medication to deal with my morning sickness. I tried every day to get off the medication, but would end up dehydrated and weak from vomiting so much. I tried every natural pill, ginger, wristbands, candies, aromatherapy and acupuncture. I went crosseyed reading home remedies, and concocted enough tea and syrup to get a minor in chemistry. I had faith that the natural alternatives were better than prescription drugs, but I just couldn’t keep them down long enough to reap any benefits…I wanted one easy to ingest, safe, tasty, solution, with more than one nausea fighting ingredient. It didn’t exist.

After a lot of research, dosage recommendations from my naturopath Dr. Cristina Persa, and countless calls, emails and dead ends, a nutraceutical company finally returned my email, and said “Yes” to helping formulate our elixir… You see, these large companies are looking for the big bucks! Who wants to work with a measly start up? They did! They liked our concept, passion and dedication to make this come to life. Perhaps they too saw our vision to create a new solution for morning sickness.

So I had a problem, a genuine need, along with millions of women, and now a solution…so Momprenuer I am, inventer I am, start up 4 years in the making…making it happen! I’ll drink to that…