10 Ways Pregnant Moms Can Manage Stress During the Coronavirus

10 Ways Pregnant Moms Can Manage Stress During the Coronavirus

If you are pregnant during the Coronavirus pandemic, it can be hard not to be worried. This unprecedented outbreak  When we focus on a few of the things we can control (our actions and our words) it can help us feel more in control in our hearts and in our minds. So mama, here are my top 10 tips to manage stress and pregnancy during Covid 19.

1. Stay informed

Make sure that you are following your doctor’s instructions, and the latest CDC guidelines for pregnant women and Coronavirus. Watching the news all day is not healthy, but tuning in to learn about recent developments can be important. Having information makes us feel in control, and we often make better decisions when we have all of the facts.

2. Practice prenatal yoga

Regular exercise is the best defense against anxiety! A prenatal yoga practice can help you to feel more grounded, and perhaps even help you to gain acceptance of the Covid19 situation.

3. Take a bath with dead sea salts (click here for our product)

Magnesium is a powerful Mineral that most people do not consume enough of, especially during pregnancy when demands increase. Having enough Magnesium plays a crucial role in preventing muscle cramps, maintaining energy, resolving aches, pains and poor sleep.

Why Dead Sea salts over Epsom salts? Dead Sea Salts are Magnesium Chloride and Epsom salts are Magnesium Sulphate, Magnesium Chloride  is more readily available to your body.
People all over the world travel to the Dead Sea in Israel, seeking the healing powers of the salts and minerals found there.  The salinity of the Dead Sea is 8 times that of regular sea water!  It’s so salty that you actually become buoyant while soaking!

4. Take more time out to cuddle. It releases oxytocin!

Being stuck at home, can wear on our emotions. If you’re pregnant during the Coronavirus pandemic- you’ve already learned this! Make the most out of this time together, and cuddle more! It releases Oxytocin, a neurochemical that promotes relaxation and bonding. We all need each other now more than ever. The isolation and uncertainty of quarantine can be devastating, but we’re all in this together. The more we take care of ourselves, the better we’ll be able to take care of those we love.

5. Practice breathing methods

Bring your focus to the here and now, and again, back to what YOU can control. Find a comfortable position, close your eyes, take a deep breath in through your nose, and release it slowly. Feel your breath moving in and out, listen to the sound of it. Give your breath your full attention. Repeat this a few times throughout the day when thoughts start to spiral.

6. Take a walk outside

It can be easy to shutter ourselves inside all day when the world seems so scary, but getting fresh air and sunlight is essential to your mental and physical health. Taking a walk around your neighborhood can help relieve stress, and it never hurts to get a little exercise in. Just be sure to practice social distancing and be safe!

7. Use essential oils/light a candle (click here for our product)


Lighting a scented candle can help you feel more relaxed at home. During times of actute stress, we tend to forget about the little things that can make our environment feel a little nicer. If you need extra stress management today, you can do steps 3&7 together!

8. Create a mantra and say it everyday. “This too shall pass.”

It’s important to remember that this is indeed only temporary. It feels like the end of the world some days, but it isn’t. Life will return to some sense of normalcy. Maybe not all at once or as soon as we would hope, but it will feel normal again!

9 Talk to a friend about your stress

Don’t hold it all inside mama! If you’re feeling scared, angry, depressed- it is completely normal right now. It can be hard to feel like you are not alone when you’re literally quarantined at home, but you are truly not alone. We’re all in this together! Friends have a way of lightening the load of our emotions during stressful times.

10. Try and go to bed earlier

Stress often interrupts our natural sleep cycles. If you’re able to head to bed a little earlier, do it! Your body will thank you in the morning!

That concludes my top 10 tips for managing stress when pregnant during the Coronavirus pandemic! I hope you are staying healthy and safe, and I you found some of these tips useful! Tell me in the comments below, how have you been managing stress during Covid19?


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